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What happens when you step out of the spiritual life plan? - WorldMixture

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    What happens when you step out of the spiritual life plan?

      El Maya    1391        

    First of all, you should know who is actually creating the life plan. You as a soul are ready to incarnate again. In retrospect, the unresolved karma points of the past life are clear to you. So your soul tinkers a plan in which these karmic aspects get the greatest possible chance to be resolved.

    There are also things in the life plan that you absolutely want to resolve. Perhaps it is important to you to reduce your envy factor. Or you want to appreciate life more because you didn't do it in your last life. It can also be that you want to get rid of your prejudices against people. The variant in which you have to get by with little money in order to shift your material priority can also be conceivable.

    Whatever it is: you have resolved as a soul to solve this matter. Too bad that you wanted exactly that countless life before - and failed miserably. How do I manage to get rid of the big karma point this time?, your soul thinks to itself. So the idea can arise to proceed with radical methods in the next incarnation. In the hope that the person you are incarnating in will be shaken awake. Unfortunately the soul is of a purely spiritual nature and can only create the life plan on this level.

    At first everything seems normal. Or are you wrong? Even your birth was anything but easy for your mother because it took you so long to come into the world. Did you want to back down at the last minute? It doesn't help, because you are born. No sooner have you landed in earth life than the problems begin. It wasn't just your childhood that was disastrous. When you were a teenager, you had to cope with the fact that your parents died. But you didn't succeed.

    You are unaware that you stepped out of the spiritual life plan as a teenager. You did not face the task. And this could be: Despite all the adversities that have happened to you, I will make sure that I protect myself and cherish life. This also means that all other tasks that were also included in the life plan have also become obsolete. That life was ineffective because you couldn't resolve karma. You can oppose such a radical life plan of your own. Because you have free will. By starting out, you may be able to understand your situation better and take smarter actions that are useful to you.




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